Yes, if you unhealthy you should take steps to become healthy,

12 points submitted 2 days agoI dont have a depth of understanding of biology. What does «genetic compatibility» mean? The website seems to suggest that it is «similar DNA». Wouldn this imply that a male female twin would have a 100% match and thus the maximum perfect partner for a relationship would be that person siblings?My understanding of evolution was you wanted to exchange different DNA two people with different immune systems makes baby with super immune systems etc.I have no depth of knowledge in this topic, but it doesnt sound like a step forward.connieways 87 points submitted 11 days agoHow on earth is this anything like a that happened story? Nowhere does she come across as a hero performing some impossible feat.She didn kick his ass, he wasn arrested and charged, nothing happened to him.She was a woman harassed and stalked by a guy.

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