That event, held at the Salvation Center facility in Atlantic

Whenever I visit Paris, one of the first places I always go is the marvelous Left Bank bookstore, Shakespeare and Company,» Karnow says. American expat George Whitman opened the landmark bookstore, which is tucked away in the shadow of Notre Dame Cathedral, in 1951. «The shop is in an ancient building of creaky floors and crooked stairs,» says Karnow.

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Street teams fanned out in Atlantic County starting at midnight. Their overnight efforts resulted in 60 homeless people filling out the surveys and others getting information about Project Homeless Connect. That event, held at the Salvation Center facility in Atlantic City, provided another opportunity to count Atlantic County’s homeless, while providing the homeless with access to social service organizations, food and clothing..

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As he sat backstage inside New York Radio City Music Hall on draft day, Manziel famously sent a text to a Browns assistant coach urging the team to take him so they could «wreck this league» together. Although other teams passed on the Texas A star, the Browns traded two picks to move up and take him with the No. 22 pick, a selection they would later regret..

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