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According to Vogue UK, there are two new celebrity fashion lines to look out for in the near future. One, designed by Naomi Campbell, and the other by Mischa Barton.Although Campbell is a supermodel with years of experience in the industry , she’s usually known for her personal life antics rather than her personal style. Barton’s line is still in talks, apparently but if the line does launch, it would accompany her current handbag collection– which I, for one, didn’t even know existed. Although Barton’s star hasn’t been as bright since her days on The OC, she was a favorite of the fashion set for a time. Since then , maybe not so much. The weeklies have been a bit harsh with the Barton.Mischa Barton on the cover of Vogue UK in November 2006.Campbell’s line will consist of 15 pieces, jeans and T-shirts only, for Italian denim label Fiorucci. What, no protective cell phone cases? Barton, for her part, would want her line to be a “bit like Biba” with plenty of separates. She also lists Giles and Vivienne Westwood as her favorite British designers.Would you wear Naomi Campbell or Mischa Barton?


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Naomi Campbell & Mischa Barton: Today’s Unlikely Designers

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