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Back in early March, I reviewed Alexander McQueen’s smooth and clean “Wicca” bag. While it is, indeed, sleek and lovely aaa prada replica bags , I yearned for something more robustly…McQueen. And as of today, my wish has been granted!The “Wicca” satchel has been given a spectacular, ornate, dreamily embellished makeover – and the result is a feast for both the eyes and the hands. Three-dimensional embossed leather foliage gives both the medium black and small white bags the dose of naturalistic fantasy they crave. Add gold hammered studs, hand sewn whipstitching, a top handle, and shoulder strap option, and you have a bag that’s out of the garden of a good witch’s daydream. Just call me Glinda! Medium Western Wicca Satchel in Black, $2,850, and Mini Ivory Western Wicca Satchel , $1,595.

Wow, these are stunning. The detail on the leather is spectacular. I’m feeling a little bored of the whole satchel trend right now but these ones are a really fresh take!

But which one to get??? I’m leaning towards both. lol



Yes I know what you mean. The white one is really fresh and summery but the leaf detail on the black one is slightly better.


Really want both. How will I justify? White=Summer Bag Black=Fall Bag.

Planning ahead. xoxo Tina

The white one is half the price…how could you pass up that? (PS, I know it is smaller, but Hubby won’t!)

Or consider it a Buy one get one half off deal!!

I’m all about enabling!

Alexander McQueen “Western Wicca” Satchels: Wicca in Wonderland

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