A company, A2 Corporation was set up with its head office in

Table 3.1: Summary of Regulations for Sulphur in Heavy Fuel Oil in Various Countries14CountryCurrent fuel limit % wt. (average content is shown in the brackets)Measures [effective date is shown in the brackets]CanadaNo national standardN/ABritish Columbia1.1 (1.726% wt.)Sulphur Content of Fuels Regulations (BC Reg 64/89) 1989New BrunswickRanging from 1.5 3.0: Type 4=1.5; Type 5=2.0 (Atlantic 2.2% wt.)Air Quality Regulations (83 208) amended in 1995Ontario1.5 (1.919% wt.)Sulphur Content of Fuels Regulations (361 90) 1990 amended in 1999 to O. Reg.

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